MTP’s ethical channel / whistleblowing channel

Step 1/5  Categorize concern
To facilitate the further handling of your submission, please help us to categorise it as best as possible.
Step 2/5  Personal information
If you prefer not to give your personal details, you can do so by indicating that you want the report to be anonymous.

Following the email validation policy, you must validate this email before filing the report.
Step 3/5  Detailed information
Describe in as much detail as possible the event you wish to report, giving as much information and attaching evidence, if available.
Image (png, jpg, gif), Audio (wav, mp3), Video (ogg, mp4, mov, avi, wmv) or PDF document up to 20Mb. Attention! If you report anonymously, make sure that the attachments do not include information in the content or metadata that could identify you.
Step 4/5  Confirmation
As the last step of the process, you must indicate a secret code that only you will know. This password, together with the identification code that we will give you at the end of the process, will be the only way to follow the progress of your submission
Email address validation
According to the validation policy of this channel, we must validate the indicated email address. To do so, we will send you an email with a validation email with a code that you must indicate in the following field.
Step 5/5  Finalize
You have now entered all the information necessary to start the report management process.

The information is ready to initiate the process of determining accountability. The persons or facts reported will be investigated and the resulting actions will be taken.

The whistleblower undertakes that the information provided in this submission is true. Otherwise, the company reserves the right to take legal action against the whistleblower.

This is the last form in the process. When you click on Send, the investigation will begin and the resolution of your claim will be shown on the platform within a maximum period of 3 months.