Frequently asked questions

Here you can check the frequently questions in the anonymous reporting channel of MTP

1. If there is an emergency, should I use this channel?

No, this channel is not designed to manage urgencies or emergencies. Contact the authorities or emergency services in this case.

2. What is the MTP Whistleblowing Channel?

It is a means of communication that MTP makes available to all those defined groups with access to this Channel. Communications referring to the areas of application of the Code of Ethics or any other applicable internal policy and regulation can be sent through this means. A series of categories have been defined that help classify the communications by area, thus facilitating their management and the completion of the data collection forms.

3. I have lost the access code to check the status of the complaint. What can I do?

Unfortunately, and for security reasons, only the whistleblower knows your access code and password. If you lose any of them, you will not be able to follow up on the communication, this does not mean that the communication does not follow its course, simply that you will not be able to see how it is progressing, or provide more information if the company requires it.

4. When will I receive a response to my complaint or query? What is the resolution period?

The Ethics Committee will communicate the acceptance of the complaint/query within a maximum period of 7 days. The term for resolving queries will be a maximum of 90 days, unless the complexity of the case requires a longer term for justified purposes.

5. Is anonymity guaranteed in the complaint?

In the complaint process you can decide whether to report your personal data or not. If you decide not to do so, you must establish your own follow-up through the complaints channel to see the progress and resolution. The channel will offer you a username and password to access the progress of the complaint. The channel is independent from the company and does not record information on the IP from where it is connected.

6. Can I report a labor situation if I do not belong to the company?

Yes. The channel is open so that different actors in the business ecosystem can help detect unethical activities. In any case, if they are complaints about the service offered, there are other channels enabled to present said complaints.

7. Who manages the complaints channel?

The Channel is managed by those in charge of MTP Regulatory Compliance with access to the Channel, with the collaboration, if necessary, of external experts.

The people involved in the research are also subject to the duty of confidentiality and the privacy policy